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Papers in macroeconomics that I have particularly enjoyed - especially thanks to the Sargent Reading Group

  1. Barro. “Are Government Bonds Net Wealth?”, JPE, 1974

  2. Lucas. “Econometric Policy Evaluation: A Critique”, Carnegie-Rochester, 1976

  3. Sims. “Macroeconomics and Reality”, ECMA, 1980

  4. Kydland, Prescott. “Time to Build and Aggregate Fluctuations”, ECMA, 1982

  5. Kydland, Prescott. “The Computational Experiment: An Econometric Tool”, JEP, 1996

  6. Christiano, Eichenbaum, Evans. "Nominal Rigidities and the Dynamic Effects of a Shock to Monetary Policy", JEP, 2005

  7. Chari, Kehoe, McGrattan. “Business Cycle Accounting”, ECMA, 2007

  8. Jaimovich, Rebelo. “Can News about the Future Drive the Business Cycle?”, AER, 2009

  9. Sims. “But Economics Is Not an Experimental Science”, JEP, 2010

  10. Jermann, Quadrini. "Macroeconomic Effects of Financial Shocks", AER, 2012

  11. Leeper, Walker, Yang. “Fiscal Foresight and Information Flows”, ECMA, 2013

  12. Nakamura, Steinsson. “Fiscal Stimulus in a Monetary Union: Evidence from US Regions”, AER, 2014

  13. McKay, Nakamura, Steinsson. "The Power of Forward Guidance Revisited", AER, 2016

  14. Zwick, Mahon. "Tax Policy and Heterogeneous Investment Behavior", AER, 2017

  15. Bianchi, Ilut, Schneider. "Uncertainty Shocks, Asset Supply and Pricing over the Business Cycle", RESTUD, 2018

  16. Chahrour, Jurado. “News or Noise? The Missing Link”, AER, 2018

  17. Nakamura, Steinsson. “Identification in Macroeconomics”, JEP, 2018

  18. Nakamura, Steinsson, Sun, Villar. "The elusive costs of inflation: Price dispersion during the US great inflation", QJE, 2018

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